The story of Massey Bros. Funeral Directors begins three generations ago in the 1930s.

Our History

Massey Bros. Funeral Directors is family owned and managed by the second and third generation descendants of the company’s founders.

Massey Bros. has experience of arranging funerals across all religions and cultures including Humanist and Civil Funerals.

About Massey Bros.

The story of Massey Bros. Funeral Directors begins three generations ago in the 1930s. Butchers by profession, the family ran a number shops throughout Dublin. Patrick and Lawrence Massey, along with their sister Annie (Cissie) decided to establish a funeral business in response to a growing number of suggestions to do so by customers of their butcher shops.

The company’s office at 129 Thomas Street was Massey Bros’, first premises and included stables for the horses and space for motor vehicles and carriages. This was a time in history when funeral homes as we know them today did not exist.

In the beginning business progressed slowly and the family continued to also maintain their butchers shops. Over time, differences of opinion on the direction of the business led to a split in the company with Patrick Massey starting his own funeral business in The Coombe in 1945.

The Massey brand continued to grow in popularity and demand with the children and nephews of the founders taking over the business now with the involvement of their own children.

In 1972, current Managing Director Freddie Maguire (son of Cissie and Patrick) joined the business. He quickly realised that in order to secure the family business expansion was required. And so, the first ‘Funeral Home’ came into being, located on the upper floors of their Thomas Street premises, followed by funeral homes on Cabra Road, in Templeogue and in Finglas. Today the company has ten funeral homes which include spaces created in response to increased demand for an alternative to a traditional church funeral, especially by families who have no particular religious affiliation.

When Patrick, Lawrence and Cissie established the company more than 80 years ago they did so out of a desire to support and care for local bereaved families. That support and care is something which still lies at the heart of the company today.

Massey Bros 1930s

Our Values

Since the company was first established in the 1930s, three generations of the Massey family have dedicated themselves to looking after families and their loved ones all over Dublin and throughout Ireland. The commitment to quality remains unchanged and is as strong today as it was when the first funeral was arranged in the 1930s.

Respect and Compassion

We deal with everyone in all we do, no matter how difficult, with the greatest of respect and compassion at all times.

Go the Extra Mile

No matter what the request, we are committed to going the extra mile, so that families can create their own fitting tribute to their loved one in their own unique way.

Trust and Openness

The trust the families we take care of place in us is something we value greatly. It is met with a level of openness and transparency on our part that ensures that individual wishes are respected and met at all times.

Massey Bros. are approved members of major Funeral Directors Associations and Directories.