Honouring Life

Massey Bros. has a long tradition of supporting the communities in which it has a presence. As part of our commitment to Honouring Life, we award grant funding to community organisations that help people in need, provide opportunities for the marginalised, offer friendship to the lonely and isolated and deliver essential services not funded by the government. We also sponsor a wide range of community-based events and initiatives.

Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services

We are proud to be a ‘Founding Partner’ of Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services and have committed to helping them raise the €8.5 million they require to develop 36 new single palliative care rooms and bring its palliative care service into more people’s homes in south Dublin and County Wicklow.

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How we help
As well as providing grant funding to community organisations, we also support staff who would like to give their time and talents through volunteering and individual fundraising.  
How to apply
We welcome applications from all community groups that make a tangible difference to the lives of the people with whom they work. Click here for more information on the application process.
Massey Brothers Funeral Homes


We are committed to helping combat the increasing levels of isolation and loneliness experienced by older people in Ireland, as well as taking care of those in financial need.


Tragically homelessness is a growing issue in Ireland. We are committed to helping organisations that work to prevent homelessness and who work with those affected by homelessness.


We want our young people to have the best possible start in life so have committed to assisting organisations that help care for and nurture the next generation.


Sport has long been recognised as a force for good. We support a wide range of sporting organisations from local GAA and soccer teams to tennis clubs and golf events.

Massey Bros. are approved members of major Funeral Directors Associations and Directories.