Massey Bros. Clondalkin Village

Clondalkin Village,
Dublin 22

Tel: 1800 740 000 | +353 1 4574455

CALL 24 HOURS – 1800 740 000


Manager: Margaret Hanlon


Respect, compassion, trust and openness are the hallmarks of the service provided by Massey Bros. The company has earned a reputation for providing a service which encompasses sensitivity and confidentiality in respect of every request and detail involved in providing for the wishes of the deceased and bereaved.

Massey Bros. has experience of arranging funerals across all religions and cultures including Humanist and Civil Funerals. The company is a member of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors and subscribes to its Code of Practice and Customer Care Charter. It also operates a charitable trust, The Community Care Foundation, which raises funds in support of families in need and community services across Dublin.

Massey Bros. are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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